"Lord, something’s got to give!"


Nonetheless, arguing was precisely what I was doing. God, in His grace and patience, listened to me in spite of my agitation, physical exhaustion, and restless spirit. In my mind, I cried out to God, “I can’t go to prayer in the morning; I have too much  to do and no way to do it all.” Then sweetly in my spirit, I heard the Lord say, Prayer is More Important.” “But,” I snapped back quickly, still arguing with the Lord, “not everyone can do the books. Others pray, but i need to work on the finances. No one else can do my job.”

The Lord refused to debate with me. He simply whispered once again, “Prayer is More Important.” Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled with what I heard Him say. In The midst of my telling the Lord how much I had to do, He asked me for more than I thought I could possibly give.

I lacked the energy to pray at all, but God asked me to pray more. I had a multitude of needs, but He asked me to pray for the needs of others. I argued with Him that I needed less to do, but God persuaded me that what I needed was to spend more time with Him. Then something supernatural happened. I genuinely heard, not just the words the Lord spoke, but I heard His heart. Jesus was wooing me. He was personally inviting me to come and meet with Him. I had a sweet inner witness that His priority for me was to go to my time of intercessory prayer and that something special awaited me there.

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A critical key during your 40 days will be praying for others. As you pray for others, God will meet your needs.

Freeda Bowers
Freeda Bowers, Author of Give Me 40 Days

Freeda Bowers

Freeda Bowers is dedicated to teaching people of faith about the power of prayer, equipping believers to live prosperous and fruitful lives. In 1978, along with her husband, Claud, Freeda co-founded and helped build WACX-TV which has become one of the most powerful television stations in the Southeast United States with coverage extending across Central and North Florida from the Atlantic to the Gulf .

WACX-TV reaches over three million residents and millions who visit the world-famous Central Florida attractions. Freeda ministers as a speaker at retreats, conferences and prayer summits across America and throughout the world. She has shared the message of Give Me 40 Days in South America, Ukraine, Jordan and other nations. Her life-changing messages on prayer minister to the spirit, soul and body-bringing revelation, healing, hope and joy.