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My hope is that by downloading the 7 Day Trial of Give Me 40 Days, you will quickly realize how helpful this is for you, as it was for me.

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Lindsay Roberts

Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association

"I believe people will be touched and changed by this book. When Freeda ministered "Give God 40 Days" on our "Make Your Day Count" television program, I was stunned by the tremedous response. I believe this is truly a revelation that every Christian can benefit from."

Cindy Jacobs

President, Generals of Intercession Ministries

"Freeda Bowers' book, Give Me 40 Days, id full of revelation. For all of you who are frustrated, hopeless, discouraged and need a breakthrough, this book is for you. It is full of keys to help change your current situation through tapping into the power of God in 40 Days of prayer"